Designed, developed and manufactured by Less Lethal Africa, is our all-plastic shotshell case. A snap-in top lid replaces crimping. We utilise our case for various quality less lethal and lethal ammunition rounds.

Less Lethal Africa's 12ga case, specifically designed for less lethal ammunition, offers superior performance by raising pressures. Impact and accuracy is markedly better out of our case than out of a regular shotshell. Used for crowd and riot control and all applications where killing somebody is not a first choice.

The proprietary plastic material is non-static and environmentally friendly. Less Lethal Africa's lightweight 12ga case can be easily recycled, is non-corrosive and waterproof. The clear or see-through quality allows the user to see exactly what type of ammunition he is about to load into his shotgun. The shotshell is single-use.

Our website focuses on two less lethal rounds for shotguns:

12ga Double Ball - large rubber balls, extremely affordable.

12ga Flash Bang - very loud bang & flash, disorientating



double ball or rubber bullets shotgun ammo or rubber buck shot

Less Lethal Africa's Double Ball round has been tested and approved by the internationally recognized SABS, South African Bureau of Standards.

The Double Ball or rubber bullets have been the preferred choice of less lethal ammunition in Africa for more than 50 years. They are widely used in South Africa, daily, as well as in other countries around the world. Police and Military use Double Ball for crowd and riot control, border control, prisons, peace keeping forces and homeland security.

The multiple-shot capacity of the 12 gauge pump-action shotgun allows continuing control over individual suspects and crowds.

While firing the Double Ball the shotguns have no recoil, which makes them easier to learn, train with, and use.

Safeguard Lives with Rubber Bullets

Less Lethal Africa's 12ga Double ball round, fired from a smooth bore 12ga pump shotgun, comprises two 17mm rubber balls. The idea is to give the shooter two chances to hit the suspect, knock him down and arrest him. Superior impact and accuracy can be expected. Correct use will cause nasty bruising and possible "less lethal" skin breaks. Aim for legs. Compared with rubber buck (say 9 or 12 small balls), the double ball is ballistically superior, more reliable and provides greater user control. It flies straight towards target, hits harder and is much more accurate and safe.

Target range with best grouping is at 20m. Minimum safety range is 20m, dependent on heaviness of clothing worn. Minor skin breaks can occur but this is still "less lethal". Never aim high, legs are best. Hitting a target closer than 20 meters raises the risk of serious injury.

The Double Ball projectiles will travel out more than 50 meters, however with reduced effectiveness as the range increases. The effective range (hard hitting ability) extends beyond 20 meters for the Double Ball. The physical impact of the projectiles diminishes with range.

When firing at a crowd or group of rioters, the Double Ball round will likely hit two separate individuals if the range exceeds 20 meters. Accuracy is best at the start of the effective range of 20 meters and will degrade as the range increases. Nonetheless, even at a range of more than 50 meters, law breakers or rioters will know that they are under fire with less lethal munitions and the process of “Attitude Adjustment” begin.

Incorrect use can cause serious injury, even death. Shooting at a range at least equal to the suggested minimum is essential and shots should be aimed low, legs are best. Some injury or skin break/penetration is accepted as "less lethal". Never shoot at the head, neck, thorax, heart or spine. Less lethal ammunition should only be used by persons specifically trained in its use.

SPECIFICATIONS * SABS approved in South Africa; * 200 m/s or 650 ft/s; * min 20m; * our 17mm rubber balls weigh 54 grains each and can be shot from our 12ga case or loaded into anybody elses 12ga case.


Less Lethal Africa manufactures a reliable high quality Flash-Bang round. Highly effective and very intimidating. A massive concussion and flash. Blinding, deafening and disorientating. Application is excellent for tactical entry, indoor use and hostage situations. The flash-bang should always be fired at an angle of 45 degrees up or 45 degrees down. Direct or close fire will cause serious injury or death.

firing flash-bang round

Intended purposes include:

  • Entry teams can deploy the Flash-Bang round to mask team movement or entry by discharging the Flash-Bang at a point away from where the team is operating.
  • The Flash-Bang round can be deployed at the entry point or within the structure as an alternative to hand thrown flash/bang grenades or stun grenades.
  • Ideal in the Corrections or Prisons environment for Cell Extractions and Disturbance Control
  • Can be used as an alternative method to control or redirect dangerous animals.

The larger value of the Flash-Bang rounds can be found in the list of advantages, a few of which are:

  • Little or no risk of fire, no fragmentation.
  • Easy to carry, not heavy or cumbersome like flash/bang grenades or stun grenades.
  • Significantly less expensive than hand thrown devices.
  • The Flash-Bang round is capable of breaking most car and door windows.

SPECIFICATIONS * 135 dB at muzzle, 100 dB at 10m. As a comparison, a jet engine noise is 120 dB.