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(also known as non lethal ammunition projectiles)

Less Lethal Africa manufactures high quality ammunition components (rubber bullets) in Africa and elsewhere. Manufacturers who are leaders in the industry, load and ship our ammunition worldwide.

Less Lethal Africa aims to protect the lives of not only those being shot at, but also the shooter. A police officer or soldier, who starts shooting at a criminal at the recommended 20+ meter range, is likely to see the criminal surrendering or running away. In the rare case that the criminal decides to run towards the police officer firing the rubber bullets, the consequences for the criminal will not be good. Increasing bruising, pain, bullet penetration and serious injury can result from close range fire. At very close range the criminal will drop and may be killed. This affords protection to the police officer or soldier when he needs it.

Safeguard Lives with Rubber Bullets

Buyers of our ammunition are police and military for riot and crowd control, border control, peacekeeping forces, prisons and homeland security. Less Lethal ammo (sometimes incorrectly called non-lethal) is useful in all applications where killing somebody is not a first-choice.

Our mission is to provide quality at prices which provide excellent value for money.

We sell individual projectiles and top manufacturers load and sell our ready-to-fire rubber bullet rounds.


12ga Double Ball - often called rubber bullets, very affordable.

12ga Flash-Bang - very loud bang & flash, disorientating

7.62LLAx39mm - rubber bullets for AK47 etc

7.62LLAx51mm - rubber bullets for rifles such as G3, FN-FAL etc.

5.56LLAx45mm - rubber bullets for M-16, M-4, etc.

9LLAx19mm - rubber bullets for any 9mmx19 pistol.


- Shot Show, Booth 20236, Las Vegas, USA, 17-20 Jan 2017

- Africa Aerospace Defence (AAD), Booth in Hangar 4, Air Base, Waterkloof, Centurion, South Africa, Sep 2018